Film Fans: 'Twilight' a captivating love story

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4 stars out of 4

I recommend seeing this movie. I've always liked vampire movies, but this was a little different in the fact that the vampires were teenagers (despite their real age). There's lots of excitement but very little blood splat. You could feel the attraction, between Bella and Edward, jumping right off the screen and I think that is what keeps you holding on with such suspense. I'd go see this one again, and am looking forward to the sequel.

- Kelly Cain, Lawrenceville

4 stars out of 4

Let me begin by saying, I have never read any of the "Twilight" books. I went in, not knowing what to expect. The purity of the characters and the creativity of the story line totally drew me in. "Twilight" is not a typical vampire movie. Though there is an overall darkness to the setting, the role of the vampire is different than you might anticipate. There is a clear good versus evil in the plot. You can't help but feel that you are watching a superhero movie disguised as a twisted love story. Robert Pattinson masterfully plays the tortured heartthrob of Edward Cullen. Kristen Stewart, playing the role of innocent, pure-hearted Bella Swan, is the perfect match in this unpredictable duo. This film is unexpectedly brilliant.

- Catherine Mileson, Suwanee

3 stars out of 4

Didn't expect much from this flick but what a shock to say it's really a good movie. It deserves an audience and not just 13-to 16-year-old teenage girls that are the obvious target. The leading actor is superb as Kristen Stewart plays Bella Swan and is very impressive in her role as a teenage girl smitten by a vampire. She is fresh, engaging and carries her many emotions in flawless fashion.

She is complimented extremely well by her vampire main squeeze Robert Pattinson who plays mystifying Edward Cullen.

As the story evolves, Bella moves from Arizona to live with her sheriff dad in Forks, Wash. There Bella meets Edward and the balance is suspenseful and well done. The other supporting actors are well cast and fill in quite well. The most glaring deficiency of this movie is the screenplay, which at times is too sophomoric and shallow. The greatest attribute of the movie is the music, which earns a solid A. So there you have it, a sweet surprise in this era of miserable losers in the movie arena. Go see.

- Rick Wright, Auburn