Snellville officials vote to raise commercial waste disposal rates

SNELLVILLE - City Council members voted 4-1 Monday to impose a 20 percent markup on the commercial waste fees paid by city businesses.

According to City Manager Russell Treadway, this process will make the fees charged to businesses more fair and equitable. The 20 percent markup will go into effect Dec. 1.

According to councilman Tod Warner, Snellville businesses pay a little more than the actual cost of waste collection and disposal to help defray the cost the city absorbs by nortcharging homeowners for garbage collection.

"Until now, some businesses were paying too much, and some too little," Warner said.

Public Works Director Gaye Johnson said that now the city's rates will be in line with rates Gwinnett County charges commercial customers.

Without the new markup, Snellville would see a $642,000 budget deficit. With the markup, a $400,000-plus deficit will remain. Currently, the city pays more than $1.9 million annually for both residential and commercial waste pickup.

City to hire new revenue collection company

City leaders gave Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer the go-ahead Monday to enter into a contract with Penn Credit Corporation, an organization approved by the Georgia Municipal Association to collect revenue on behalf of municipalities. Penn Credit Corp. will take over revenue collection resulting from traffic light cameras.

Auld and Warner support the new agreement, as more of the revenue collected will go to the city than did under the previous agreement.