Ships diverted after pirates seize tanker

MOGADISHU, Somalia - A major Norwegian shipping group on Tuesday ordered its more than 90 tankers to sail around Africa rather than use the Suez Canal after Somali pirates seized a Saudi supertanker carrying $100 million in crude.

The U.S. and other naval forces decided against intervening in the seizure of the supertanker. The pirates captured an Iranian cargo ship Tuesday, the seventh vessel seized in 12 days.

Odfjell SE said it made the decision to divert its ships after pirates seized the Saudi Arabian supertanker MV Sirius Star on Saturday.

US forces fire on insurgents in Pakistan

KABUL, Afghanistan - U.S. troops in Afghanistan launched a barrage of artillery at insurgents attacking their position from inside Pakistan's volatile tribal region, in a cross-border strike coordinated with Pakistan's military, U.S. and NATO officials said Tuesday.

The strike less than a mile inside Pakistan came after the militants fired rockets at a U.S. position in Afghanistan. Al-Qaida and Taliban militants have long found refuge in the border region, where they launch attacks on U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Iraq PM rallies support for security pact

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki delivered a nationally televised address Tuesday to rally domestic support for a U.S.-Iraqi security pact, calling it a step toward full sovereignty and assuring neighbors it will prevent cross-border attacks.

Iraq will hold provincial elections Jan. 31.

Aruba police pursue new Holloway lead

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - A new witness has come forward in the 2005 disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba, and prosecutors said Tuesday they are seeking more evidence against the only remaining suspect.

A woman told Dutch police this month that Joran van der Sloot confessed to her years ago that he was involved in Holloway's disappearance, according to Ann Angela, a spokeswoman for the Aruba Prosecutors' Office.