Time flies; or does it?

Where does the time go?

It's a good question, one that is often asked but rarely answered. Which is a little suspect. Because we seem to be very good at passing time but very bad at accounting for it.

Ask a person whom you haven't seen for a while what he or she has been up to and they'll tell you "Not much." But that same person may start his or her next conversation with: "Man, this year is just flying by, isn't it?"

It's hard to differentiate a conversation about time from one about NASCAR, what with all the whizzing and racing and flying that is talked about. Time does not stand still we learn over and over again. It's like a fat guy running downhill - once it gets started there's no stopping it.

And yet every time you ask someone how their meeting went you hear: "It lasted an hour and felt like a year." And how was work this week, dear? "I thought it would never end."

The incongruities are commonplace. Some people waited seemingly "forever" to cast a ballot during early voting in Gwinnett County, but the election seems to have "breezed" by. It seemed like the college football season would never get here; now I can't believe it's almost over.

And Thanksgiving? Forget about it. Who has time to think about turkey day when Christmas is on its way. You don't have time to think about drum sticks unless you're buying your kid a drum set from Santa.

As you have no doubt been told (mostly by retailers), Christmas will be here before you know it. So get going with your shopping. Time is of the essence. Chop, chop.

Time moves so quickly I'm surprised we don't all have whiplash. It, like us, is always on the go, leaping from day to day and month to month like one of those calendars in an old movie.

They say time is money, and while that's a lie, it is kind of like money, in that you always think you have more of it than you really do. And like money, we're always looking for more time but rarely find it. Maybe it's because neither grows on trees.

As you read this you may be glad you survived Monday and wonder if the rest of the week will ever come to pass. But come Friday, you'll be asking the same question we all do:

Where does the time go?

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