Special-use permit for wine shop, bar in Lawrenceville approved

LAWRENCEVILLE - The Lawrenceville City Council awarded a special-use permit Monday for a retail wine shop at 178 E. Crogan St. in the city's downtown overlay district.

The permit with conditions was awarded to Randy Sutt. A wine bar is planned in conjunction with the wine shop, slated to open in February.

The council passed a resolution to apply for a Livable Center Initiative grant for up to $120,000 in federal funds to develop an overlay district between downtown Lawrenceville and Georgia Gwinnett College.

Amendments to the city's zoning ordinance defining and regulating accessory buildings in residential districts were tabled to consider continued input from citizens. The council extended a moratorium on erecting or constructing accessory buildings for 30 days.

Elizabeth Riggs, who described herself as mobility-impaired because of fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, appeared before the council to request help in informing local businesses that service dogs assist others besides the blind and are legally allowed to accompany customers.

Riggs, who acquired Emmy, a black Labrador retriever, six weeks ago from Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services in Columbia, S.C., told the council that she and Emmy had been asked to leave a local restaurant and only allowed to stay after showing documentation.

Riggs credited Emmy, who accompanied her to the council meeting, with helping her regain and maintain her independence.

The council approved the expenditure of up to $200,000 from the asset forfeiture account to purchase six vehicles and equipment for the police department.