Woman charged with attempting to sway witness

SNELLVILLE - A Snellville woman is behind bars after police say she tried to influence a witness in an attempt to keep her brother from facing statutory rape charges.

Susanna Monica Anguiano, of 3132 Glynn Mill Drive, Snellville, was arrested Thursday, charged with one count of threatening or bribing a witness and simple battery in the Oct. 3 incident.

Anguiano's brother, Joel Anguiano, 25, is being held without bond at the Gwinnett County Detention Center on a probation violation, but is also facing statutory rape charges in connection with a 15-year-old girl he allegedly got pregnant. Records show he was originally booked Aug. 3.

On Oct. 3, police say Susanna Anguiano went to a Lilburn home where the girl, who is nine months pregnant, was staying. She reportedly began screaming that the girl had to sign a piece of paper agreeing to marry her brother before he went to trial on rape charges.

The girl reportedly told Anguiano that she was not going to sign the paper, that she didn't want to get married and her mother wouldn't allow it, anyway.

Police said that's when Anguiano reached in the door, grabbed the girl by the arms and began to shake her, demanding she sign the paper. By this time, reports said, a man inside the home came to the door, pushed Anguiano out and slammed the door.

Anguiano remained outside, banging on the door, knocking a wreath off the door, police said. The man then opened the door and told Anguiano he was going to call the police if she didn't leave, reports said, but she continued to scream and hit the house. When the man began dialing 911, another man got out of the vehicle Anguiano arrived in, grabbed her by the arms and pulled her to the vehicle, police said, and left.

A surety bond of $2,950 was set on the simple battery charge, records show, but bond was denied on the felony charge of influencing a witness.