Loganville voters re-elect Kiddoo to another term
Lynch, Waring also win council seats

LOGANVILLE - Seven-hundred-sixty-two residents cast their votes Tuesday for three open city council seats and a mayor running unopposed.

With incumbent Mark Kiddoo taking in the most votes - 470 - the message voters sent was that they wanted experience.

"It always feels good to know the voters approve of your past accomplishments," Kiddoo said. "In fact, it feels great."

Following Kiddoo into the city council in January will be Michael Lynch, who tallied 434 votes, and Eileen Waring, who came in third with 419 votes.

Pedro Vega, making his second run at obtaining a council seat, finished fourth with 305 votes and Kevin Madsen finished fifth with 239 votes. All numbers are still considered unofficial until Friday.

For Kiddoo, he said he plans in this next term to keep a close eye on the budget while maintaining city services - "especially in these tough economic times" - and wants to continue the expansion of the sewage treatment plant. He also said the city needs to be "prepared and poised" for future growth once the economy turns around.

For Vega, a 25-year civil servant and school police officer for Gwinnett County Public Schools, he said he'll make a decision about throwing his hat into the city council ring for a third time when the time is right.

"I feel like I let down the people who supported me," Vega said. "Sometimes your name can hurt you."

According to Kristi Ash, city clerk for Loganville, percentage-wise voter turnout was about normal but acknowledged the number of votes cast was a little bit low. She said of the 762 votes cast, 149 were absentee and advanced, 532 came from Walton County and 81 came from Gwinnett.

Kiddoo said the approximately 10 percent turnout from Gwinnett residents was to be expected with a historic presidential election and a mayor running unopposed. But he also said that with a new fire station coming courtesy of special purpose local options sales tax dollars on Old Loganville Road, a new city polling place for Gwinnett County residents will be available in future elections. He also said that with he and Lynch coming to the council, something in Loganville will happen that hasn't happened in quite some time.

"It's the first time in a long time that one-third of the council members are from Gwinnett, just like one-third of the citizens are," Kiddoo said. "It should be a lot of fun."