Cameras to monitor traffic on Old Norcross, Beaver Ruin

LAWRENCEVILLE - Nearly two dozen cameras will soon monitor traffic on two major roads after commissioners approved traffic management systems Tuesday.

Commissioners signed off on the contracts for projects on Old Norcross Road and Beaver Ruin Road, at a cost of about $1 million each.

When completed, the cameras and cables will allow engineers to monitor traffic at the county's Traffic Control Center in Lawrenceville, making real-time adjustments to signal timing.

On Old Norcross Road, 10 cameras will monitor traffic at 14 intersections between West Pike Street and Breckinridge Boulevard, a 6.6-mile stretch.

A similar project will connect 13 cameras along 6.4 miles of Beaver Ruin, from Buford Highway to Lawrenceville Highway.

"These new cameras will be connected to our new Traffic Control Center and to the Georgia DOT system to help monitor traffic," Gwinnett Transportation Director Brian Allen said. "They will also allow our operators to adjust traffic signal timing by remote control and will aid in early detection of accidents."