Norcross city manager headed to Dunwoody

NORCROSS - Warren Hutmacher, Norcross' city manager since July 2006, recently resigned his position to take the city manager position in Dunwoody. Rudolph Smith, Norcross' general government administrator/finance director, was named interim city manager by mayor Bucky Johnson and city council members Monday night.

According to Smith, city leaders will soon advertise the city manager position open and begin the process of hiring another.

Sustainable Norcross Commission created

City council members voted unanimously Monday to officially create a Sustainable Norcross Commission. Citizen volunteers have been meeting unofficially for several months, with the purpose of advising city leaders on such issues as green building, environmental protection and recycling.

Senior citizen

homestead exemption guidelines changed

Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Allen announced Monday that the guidelines for exempting senior citizens (62 and older) from city property taxes have been changed. One-person households with an income equal to 3.5 times the federal poverty level, or $36,400, are now exempt from paying the city property tax.

Permit fees reduced

Permit fees required by the city of Norcross were changed Monday, as city leaders felt that the International Building Code guidelines were too punitive to property owners.

For repairs or improvements that cost $500 or less, the permit fee has been reduced from $50 to $0.

For repairs or improvements that cost more than $500, the permit fee is $10.

City warned about

ADA compliance

Dan Higgins, the city's ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance Coordinator appointed by Lillian Webb when she was mayor, addressed concerns he has about the city's compliance with handicap accessibility. According to Higgins, some city staff members do not agree that he is in fact the compliance coordinator, but he continues taking certification courses and educating himself about federal requirements.

Addressing Johnson and city council members Monday, Higgins warned that the city is not in compliance and stands in jeopardy of being fined by the Department of Justice unless immediate action is taken. Higgins cites sidewalk widths, handicap ramps and overall accessibility problems he sees throughout the city as being red flags that city leaders need to address.