Clinton supporters shouldn't resort to trashing Obama

Kathleen Parker's unabashed support for Sen. Hillary Clinton ("Hillary's in this until all hope of victory is lost," May 28) is admirable. Yet, in an old school format, she isn't able to highlight Hillary's strengths without destroying the character and skills of Sen. Barack Obama.

"Barry O'Bomber," "whippersnapper," not "half ready to lead on Day One" - is it really necessary to undermine his leadership qualities? Her reference to Hillary as having "a sharply honed political instinct" and "a deep brain understanding" may be appropriate characterizations. However, the implications suggest that Obama lacks these same abilities. Parker also continues the myth that Hillary leads in the popular vote.

Please check out www.usaelectionpolls.com. The only way that Hillary leads is to include Florida and Michigan and ignore all of the caucuses. Since Obama was not on the ballot in Michigan and he led in total caucus votes by 196,000, it is totally inaccurate to suggest that Clinton leads in any category.

Face it, Kathleen, your candidate is not in any position to change the results without a tragic event or she accepts the fact that the United States is not a monarchy.