Israel real terrorists

Before and after Israel became a state, Zionists used terrorism to drive Palestinians from their homes and land. Nations Dick Yarbrough calls "thugs" bear the brunt of taking in many millions of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees.

Israel's military and illegal settlements are taking over most of the West bank. Israel's atrocious walls lock Palestinians into small areas with blockade/checkpoints controlling their movement and inhibiting every aspect of their existence. U.S. unconditional support and billions of American taxpayer dollars make this possible along with making Israel the mightiest military power in the region.

All of Gaza's inhabitants are imprisoned in their own territory. Israel uses massive bombardments, tanks, helicopter gunships, assassinations, collective punishment, closure, isolation, economic strangulation, starvation and deprivation against Palestinians who have no military.

Hamas won the internationally monitored 2006 democratic election, but is not allowed to govern. Their resistance against brutal, illegal occupation is called terrorism. There is a moral distinction between Palestinian limited resistance and Israel's state terrorism.

President Carter's courage and integrity in reaching out to Hamas and Syria in his Middle East mission for peace and justice is in keeping with the exemplary work of the Carter Center and deserves our utmost respect and appreciation.

- Delores Bell