Yarbrough now gets what Boston baseball is about

Wait! What is this? Dick Yarbrough just paid a compliment to something north of Ellijay? The people of Boston? Let me look outside a moment. Nope, no sign of four horsemen riding down the street. Guess we're safe.

We members of Red Sox Nation graciously welcome you to your enlightenment, Mr. Yarbrough. We always smile when one of the formerly misguided realize, after a trip to Fenway, that, in your words, "This is the way God intended for baseball to be played."

Every time you have attacked New England in your column, I have thought to myself, "Wonder what his beef is. Sounds like he's never really experienced New England." Glad to see the Fenway Faithful have shown you the light.

God's football team may play in Athens, Mr. Yarbrough, but I'm glad you got a chance to experience where His boys of summer reside. Just wait 'til next year when the Gwinnett Braves play the Pawtucket Red Sox. Should be a blast when Red Sox Nation takes over the stadium in Buford. We'll save you a seat and the beverage of your choice.