McEntire says she has more fun hosting awards

LAS VEGAS - After wrapping up a successful concert tour, you'd think Reba McEntire would want to take some time off to relax.

Instead, the tireless country star is preparing for her 10th turn as host of the Academy of Country Music Awards this weekend. Over the years, she says she's gained more ease hosting the event.

'I've got a lot more confidence,' McEntire told AP Television at rehearsals Friday. 'I know a lot more of these folks that I get to work with, and we're a wonderful team. And it's, I don't want to say, 'old hat,' 'cause I still get a little nervous and butterflies still happen when I get on that stage. But I think I have more fun with it now than I did the first time.'

Wedding may be imminent for Simpson-Wentz

LOS ANGELES - Though Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are keeping a tight lid on their nuptuals, it's looking like a wedding is imminent. Aerial photos posted Friday at several celebrity Web sites, credited to the Insight News & Features paparazzi photo agency, purport to show the Simpson family home near Los Angeles dotted with large white party tents.

Mike Tyson tells all in film

CANNES, France - Mike Tyson considers it a miracle that he lived to tell his tale. And he's telling it - in graphic detail - in a new documentary at the Cannes Film Festival.

'I lived a wild and extreme life,' the former heavyweight champion told reporters Saturday. 'I used drugs. I had altercations with dangerous people. I slept with guys' wives that wanted to kill me. I'm just happy to be here, you know. It's just a miracle.'

The 41-year-old former boxer got a prolonged ovation at the Cannes screening for 'Tyson,' directed by his old friend James Toback ('Fingers').

In the movie, which blends old video footage and TV interviews, Tyson talks about getting beaten up and stolen from when he was an overweight kid. He chokes up when reminiscing about his late trainer, Cus D'Amato, who transformed the troubled teenager into a world-class champion.