Film Fan: 'Speed Racer' comes up short

EDITOR'S NOTE - Film Fans features local residents reviewing the film of the week: "Speed Racer."

One and a half stars out of four

With a foundation taken from the popular cartoon series of years ago, the Wachowski brothers ("The Matrix") have made a live action cartoon movie that attempts to dazzle and excite us with massive CG, vivid cartoon like colors, and elaborate special effects. Unfortunately, for all their use of modern technology, it still comes up short. Younger fans of video games with similar graphic effects will likely enjoy the ride, but as a movie, I was near boredom by the time the final race came around. If you were a fan of the original cartoons, this might be the movie for you, and the kids will love it, but it's much longer than it needs to be, and greatly overdone.

- Steve Kalberg