To the editor: Liberal press will hit McCain once a Democrat is chosen

In his recent letter, George Morin said it was abundantly clear to him that the right-wing attack media was more vicious than their left-wing counterparts in attacking opponents and that Sen. John McCain was getting a free ride from the liberal press.

I might remind Morin that the big show has not yet begun and that he failed to notice that McCain's candidacy has already been decided by the Republican party while the Democrats are still fighting among themselves to determine the survivor. The left-wing press is most assuredly not going to ignore McCain but has simply been more involved in anointing their selected prince.

The squabble among Democrats will soon end, and as soon as it does, the left-wing press will surely gather in herds and will attack McCain with every dirty accusation in their book. I fully expect the left-wing press to accuse McCain of being absent without leave for the more than five years he was a prisoner of war and even demand that he pay for the A-4 Skyhawk they will claim he carelessly lost in action over Vietnam.

Fear not, Mr. Morin, the left-wing press is sharpening its daggers, and the attacks on Sen. McCain will soon begin.