McCain escaping teeth of the press

If there is any one thing that has become abundently clear in the ongoing race for the presidency, the right-wing media attack dogs far exceed their left-wing counterparts in trashing their opposing candidates.

Columnists like Cal Thomas and Kathleen Parker have wasted no time in trashing the character and competence of Sens. Clinton and Obama. This is to be expected of course, but it does strike me that republican candidate John McCain seems to be having a much easier time of it at the hands of the "liberal" press ... so far.

The only reason I bother to broach this subject is because I don't think it matters to the far right pundits who the Democratic candidate is. He or she is automatically written off as a tax-and-spend, big-government-loving, unpatriotic loser. That, to me, constitutes a serious flaw in their reasoning power.

The same applies to the other side when it practices one-size-fits-all assessments of opposing candidates.

The irony is that each side is usually guilty of doing this, but this time around, the attacks on the Republican candidate have been relatively light. Perhaps this is because John McCain is liked and respected by most Americans for his long service and nice guy persona. Whether those factors alone will carry the day for him is anbody's guess right now.

Outrageous character assassinations by big-mouthed television and newspaper pundits don't serve anyone well, especially we, the long suffering voters who, in the final analysis, have the most to gain or lose.