Apalachee students outperform state on test

WINDER - Apalachee High School juniors scored higher than state averages on all four subject content areas of the Georgia High School Graduation Test.

Winder-Barrow High School juniors equaled state averages in English/language arts and science, but scored lower than state averages on social studies and mathematics. WBHS students' math scores dropped from last year, too.

AHS Principal David McGee gives credit to the students.

"All year long our teachers and graduation counselors and everyone involved focused on all the kids having all the opportunities they could, as well as practice opportunities," he said. "But this group of juniors is a really solid group of young people that took it very seriously. I'm very proud of the effort and focus the kids put into it."

Better planning between the two high schools should close the gap, said WBHS Principal Rob Johnson.

"We are assessing how these kids did in their CRCTs, because we've done nothing different in structure," Johnson said. "However, we had a huge building project with kids in trailers for six months. That's not an excuse because we have excellent instructors. We think it is just that some kids test better than others. Apalachee and Winder-Barrow's department chairs will meet and do common lesson plans and that should take away any discrepancies."

SideBar: Test scores


English/Language Arts/90 percent/95 percent/90 percent

Science/86 percent/92 percent/86 percent

Social Studies/86 percent/91 percent/83 percent

Mathematics/93 percent/96 percent/92 percent

*2007 Mathematics scores/90 percent/94 percent

*Testing standards changed from 2007 to 2008 in all subject contents except mathematics.