Loganville outlines watering restrictions

LOGANVILLE - Councilman Ray Nunley on Thursday explained the city's new watering restrictions, which were decided following a special called council meeting held April 25.

According to Nunley, council members voted to allow the filling and topping off of swimming pools, but a permit must be acquired prior to do so. The permit is free and will provide the city with a means of monitoring the amount of water used for swimming pools.

Pool owners will not be billed twice - once for water and a second time for sewer use - if this special permit is on record for that address.

Nunley also announced that Loganville will adopt the state's Level 4 watering restrictions, with the exception of the filling and topping of pools. Some homeowners asked Nunley why Loganville residents will not be allowed to water ornamental plants for 25 minutes a day on an odd/even schedule, as many other cities do, including Monroe and Snellville

"I'm told the water situation this year is going to be worse than last year. We have to make decisions that we believe are in the best interest of our citizens," Nunley said. The councilman added that, as changes may occur in the state's guidelines or in the event of an increase in rainfall during the next few months, the city's watering restrictions may change, possibly allowing the watering of newly installed ornamental plants.