Huddle House back in business

BUFORD - George and Jason Perides are spreading a message about the recently reopened Huddle House in Buford: It's not like it used to be.

The father and son say they are working hard to let people know everything about the diner is new - the owners, the management, the staff, the seating, the ceiling and even most of the equipment.

To show the community the restaurant has been refurbished, the Perides have been offering deals to people who work at nearby businesses. On Wednesday afternoon, Buford High's baseball team stopped in for a complimentary meal.

"We want the community to know that this is a place they can come and get good service," George Perides said. "We want to build an image in the community that we care about cleanliness ... and that this is a family oriented place to come."

A few months ago, the two were asked by corporate to reopen the store on Buford Drive near Buford Highway. The Perides already own successful enterprises in Monroe and Kennesaw.

Jason Perides started working at Huddle House 13 years ago as a dish washer and worked his way into corporate and, eventually, ownership. He said reopening the Buford store has been challenging because many people don't realize the diner has been open for four weeks. But he said his father, George, has walked "about 500 miles" to spread the word about the opening.

To those he encounters, George Perides tells them to come by and give the diner a try. People who do stop by for a meal will likely leave with a coupon - and a message to return with a friend.