Chilean mayor demands 'justice' for chipped statue

SANTIAGO, Chile - An ear for an ear?

The angry mayor of Easter Island said Thursday he wished the Finnish tourist accused of chipping an earlobe off an ancient Maoi could have his ear clipped off as 'justice' for damaging one of the world-famous statues.

Finnish tourist Marko Kulju, 26, issued a public apology through a Chilean newspaper on Thursday, saying he regretted the incident that has caused an uproar on the South Pacific island, a Chilean territory.

'If an ear is cut off, then an ear gets cut,' Edmunds Paoa told Cooperative radio. 'Eye for eye, tooth for tooth: That would be my form of justice.'

Risk of explosion prevents search after collapse

OSLO, Norway - The risk of a gas explosion and structural instability have prevented workers from searching for five people feared dead in a collapsed apartment building in Norway, police said Thursday.

A rock slide wrecked a six-story apartment building on a steep hillside in the coastal city of Aalesund, about 220 miles northwest of Oslo, early Wednesday.

Fifteen people were hospitalized. Five residents are missing and believed dead.

Egypt upset at U.S. for accidental killing of seaman

CAIRO, Egypt - Egypt's foreign minister said his country is upset by the accidental killing of an Egyptian citizen by a U.S. Navy-contracted ship in the Suez Canal, and called the incident 'unacceptable,' the state-run-news agency reported.

Ahmed Aboul Gheit's comments were Egypt's first official response to the incident, which occurred Monday when a navy-contracted ship fired warning shots at approaching motor boats in the Suez Canal.

'Egyptian ports are not open fields for gunfire,' the Middle East News Agency quoted Aboul Gheit as saying Wednesday evening in Luxembourg.

Tibet protesters unfurl banners for torch relay

THESSALONIKI, Greece - About a dozen pro-Tibetan protesters unfurled banners in a central square shortly before the Olympic torch relay arrived in the city on Thursday.

The protesters, most of them Greeks, gathered in the square in this northern city about half a mile away from the route of the torch for the Beijing Olympics. They were being watched by about 50 police.

The banners read: 'China is not worthy of the flame,' and 'China stop killing Tibet.'