Teens in rape case given bond

LAWRENCEVILLE - Two Berkmar High School football players who allegedly raped a 15-year-old classmate were given bond Thursday.

By order of Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Michael C. Clark, defendants Bobby Michael Harris and Shakie Gus Doe-Williams, both 17, each must pay a $15,000 conditional bond for their freedom.

The teens are restricted from contacting the alleged victim and must abide by an 11 p.m. to 5:30 a.m curfew, according to conditions set by Clark.

Outside the courtroom, Doe-Williams' attorney, Melvin Johnson, hoped Thursday's bond issuance opened the door for the District Attorney's Office to drop the charges against the teens.

"These kids have been railroaded," he said. "There's no reason for them to be in jail."

Several school officials and classmates appeared in court to vouch for Harris and Doe-Williams in sworn testimony.

A sixth-period classmate of Harris' and the alleged victim testified that the girl told her the day after the alleged incident she had sex with Harris.

"She said it real low and she was smiling about it," the classmate said.

In addition, the classmate testified she witnessed the girl place her hand on Harris' crotch in class several times the day the rape allegedly occurred. During a probable cause hearing last week, Gwinnett police detective Steve Land testified the school was investigating the incident, and that Harris had allegedly used his foot to touch the girl's private area.

Tammy Glacer, a 10-year educator who taught Doe-Williams during his sophomore year at Berkmar as well as the alleged victim, testified the girl was "very unstable, chaotic."

Harris and Doe-Williams are charged with rape, aggravated sexual battery and child molestation stemming from the March 4 incident at the alleged victim's apartment.

Based on interviews with the girl, Land testified last week that Harris and Doe-Williams came to the victim's apartment after school and raped her in a tiny bathroom.

Harris is alleged to be the only one to have intercourse with the girl during the incident; Doe-Williams is being charged with aiding and abetting the alleged rape.

Defense attorneys for the teens maintain the sex was consensual and their clients are innocent.

The girl initially reported the incident on May 6 to a Berkmar school administrator.

She has since withdrawn from the school, Land said.