Film Fans: 'Drillbit' elicits mixed reviews

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1 1/2 stars out of 4

"Drillbit Taylor" has some potential in it, but overall it's not too impressive a movie and there's no need to see it on the big screen. Owen Wilson still has some likeable charm shining through his character, who has some true flaws and failures. The plot of the three high school misfits is fairly predictable, as they are the target of some high school bullies.

If you can get past all of the unbelievable parts, there are some redeeming messages that still try to peek through about friendship and being there for people. Mostly silly and counting on easy jokes, don't go into this film with very high expectations.

- Cindy Evans, Duluth

3 stars out of 4

Much to my surprise, "Drillbit" is a very entertaining movie. Powered by a funny script and an excellent and flawless cast throughout, it propels itself through a worn-out, lame and overdone storyline - high school wimps terrorized by bullies.

Owen Wilson is the strong and talented performer who glues it all together. In the end, the movie proves to be clever and engaging and a whole lot of fun! This movie is certainly not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. So if you're in need of some real fun, here is your flick.

- Rick Wright, Auburn