Barrow BOC denies impound yard on Chandler Road

WINDER - A proposed storage yard for impounded vehicles that riled neighbors on Chandler Road was voted down by Barrow County's Board of Commissioners Tuesday.

Robbie Hern asked the board to rezone 7.5 acres at 446 Chandler Road from agricultural classification to light industrial/commercial for the purpose of creating a storage/impound yard for confiscated vehicles.

The property is bordered on three sides by residential homes with heavy woods on a fourth.

"Chandler Road is a narrow dirt road with deep side ditches in places," Pat Coward said. "Cars will leak fluids and attract rodents that will breed."

District 4 Commissioner Isaiah Berry said the impound yard might attract crime.

"If people knew you had cars stored there, they might break in and break in the neighbor's homes, too," Berry told Hern.

Auto storage is unsuitable in an area where almost all its residents have wells, District 2 Commissioner Bill Brown said.

"Those cars leak transmission fluid, oil," Brown said. "It's unfair to put it in that area. Those fluids are going to get into somebody's water supply one day."

In other business, the Board voted to pay McCart Pipeline Inc. of Snellville $109,340 to make improvements to the water system, which include adding fire hydrants.

Robert Lanham of Winder was appointed to the planning commission.