Mom of pregnant teenager arrested

LAWRENCEVILLE - Lawrenceville police arrested a woman this week for harboring a man who allegedly impregnated her 14-year-old daughter.

Police say the mother, Rosa Elena Benavides-Arellano, 42, allowed the man to stay at her Hampton Square residence in Lawrenceville for two weeks earlier this month. She permitted sexual intercourse between her daughter and her elder suitor, police said.

During that time, the male suspect, Lucio Gomez-Gonzalez, impregnated the teen. Officials with the Division of Family and Children Services became aware of the relationship and forced the man to leave the residence, according to an arrest warrant.

Following Gomez-Gonzalez's expulsion from the home, Lawrenceville police arrested the girl's mother Wednesday on charges of being a party to statutory rape.

Police arrested Gomez-Gonzalez on charges of statutory rape the following day.

Both suspects are Mexican-born and are in the United States illegally, according to arrest warrants.

It was unclear Friday what Gomez-Gonzalez's relationship was with the family.

Officials with the Lawrenceville Police Department were not available for comment Friday.

The agency could not provide a police report detailing the arrest because its office was closed for the holiday.

Given the couple's age difference, the sexual act is illegal, regardless of the mother's consent.

According to Georgia law, statutory rape occurs when a person has sexual intercourse with anyone they are not married to who is under age 16.

The crime is considered a misdemeanor only when the victim is between ages 14 and 16, and the elder mate is age 18 or younger and no more than four years older than the victim, the law says.

If convicted of statutory rape, Gomez-Gonzalez could face between one and 20 years in prison.

A Gwinnett County DFCS representative could not comment on the case.