Judge upholds rape charges against teens

LAWRENCEVILLE - As a teammate held her down, a Berkmar High School football player raped a 15-year-old female classmate in her cramped bathroom after school, a Gwinnett police detective testified Thursday.

This and other graphic details emerged in the probable cause hearing regarding the March 4 incident in which Bobby Michael Harris and Shakie Gus Doe-Williams, both 17, are alleged to have entered the girl's Lawrenceville apartment uninvited and raped her.

Both are charged with rape, aggravated sexual battery and child molestation. They remain in the Gwinnett County Jail without bond.

Based on interviews with the girl, Gwinnett police detective Steve Land testified that Harris and Doe-Williams came to the victim's apartment after school unannounced. They entered without her permission, he said, and when she asked them to leave, the teens refused.

After several minutes of conversation, the teens "ran at her" and forced her to the ground, partially removing some of her clothing, Land testified. She then tried to barricade herself in the bathroom, but Harris and Doe-Williams eventually forced their way in, Land said.

Two days later on May 6, the alleged victim reported the incident to school administrators who contacted Gwinnett police's special victims unit. Land testified the girl was scared to report the incident because she was concerned about what people would think of the allegations.

A medical evaluation of the girl revealed significant bruising around her vaginal area, Land said.

Gwinnett County Magistrate Court Judge Mark E. Layng upheld the charges and recommended the case be forwarded to Gwinnett County Superior Court.

Harris, who police say knew his accuser, is the only one to have had intercourse with the girl, according to Land's testimony. At the request of his attorney at the time, Harris did not give a statement to police when he was arrested.

Williams, who is essentially charged with aiding and abetting the alleged rape, was only known to the victim by the nickname "Sway." Land testified that Williams changed his story several times when he was questioned about the episode.

"He just couldn't account for anything," Land said.

School officials are investigating an earlier incident that occurred between Harris and his accuser, Land said. While watching a movie in class, Harris allegedly used his foot to poke the private area of the girl as she propped her leg up on a desk, he said.

Despite what has been alleged, attorneys for Harris and Williams say their clients are "good kids" who have been wrongfully accused.

"When both sides of this story are presented, we are confident that Bobby Harris will be vindicated," Harris' attorney, Mike McDaniel, said.

Williams' attorney, Melvin Johnson, went a step further and said sex between Harris and the girl was consensual and that the girl was bragging about it at school. As for his client, school officials are willing to come forward and vouch for Williams' character, he said.

"He's not only not guilty, he's innocent of what he's been accused of," Johnson said, standing next to Jacqueline Kiawv, Williams' mother. "So the suffering that he's endured, the suffering that his mother, his family, has endured financially, physically and every possible way, makes it even more sad."

It is the policy of the Gwinnett Daily Post to not identify victims of sexual assaults.