To the editor: Make Gwinnett riders pay more instead of taxpayers

I support the proposed fare increase on local bus routes as recommended by the Gwinnett transit authority. I especially support the recommendation made by the authority that splits the Xpress bus routes into zones with those riding the greater distance on the express routes paying more for their transportation costs.

Those who ride the transit system, whether it be local or Xpress routes, have been vocal in their opposition to a fare increase. Right now, in my opinion, they are riding on some of the taxpayers' money. If you are going to ride the choo choo, you have to be willing to pay for the cost of the ride. I, along with my fellow taxpayers who do not use the system, are not obligated to subsidize the transportation costs of those who do ride the local and express routes.

Without going into detail, I do know a thing a two about public transit systems. After all, an investor-owned, operated-for-profit public transit system is what put bread on our table many years ago. It would be great if Gwinnett County Transit could operate at a profit from fare box revenues, but it will never happen.

The days of investor-owned, operated-for-profit public transit systems have gone the way of the dinosaur. Public transit systems of today will always have to be subsidized by taxpayer dollars. The key is to make the transit system as cost-effective and efficient as possible in order to reduce the dollars from the county budget which subsidize the system.

Mr. Chairman and Commissioners Beaudreau, Green, Kenerly and Nasuti, vote yes for a fare increase.