Kids brave rainy weather for Easter fun

SUWANEE - Gloomy skies didn't keep the kids - or the helicopter - away from Saturday's egg drop in Suwanee.

More than a thousand kids turned out for the event, sponsored by Fusion Church at George Pierce Park.

"It's fun. I want to get this many," 4-year-old Brice Facey said, holding up four fingers.

His older sister Kenedi, 10, said she was excited about the prizes, which started at candy and went up to coupons, cash and even a big-screen television and a Nintendo Wii.

Phanija Koya dressed up her nearly 2-year-old daughter Srilakshmi in her Easter dress for the egg drop. Some kids sported bunny ears.

Some carried their Easter baskets, but others won't get those until next week, so they used plastic bags or pillow cases.

And while the helicopter, which dropped about 10,000 of the 25,000 eggs just prior to the hunt, drew oohs and ahhs, there were some disappointed faces in the end.

Melinda Briley comforted her 7-year-old, Sophie, who was only able to grab one egg in the stampede of kids.

But minutes later, another child placed a handful of eggs in Sophie's basket.

"We are always looking for creative and fun ways to show God's love to folks and we think an extreme egg drop is just the ticket," said Tony McCollum, senior pastor of Fusion Church. "We wanted to do something for the community this Easter that wouldn't soon be forgotten."

Elaine Murzello helped her sons open the plastic eggs after the hunt to see what prizes they won. She said it was hard for Nathan, 8, and Joshua, 4, because of the huge crowd of kids.

"It was a great thing for the organization to do this for the whole city and bring everyone together," Murzello said.