Give sheriff the funding he needs to enforce 287(g)

I found Chairman Charles Bannister's comments in last Sunday's Daily Post regarding 287(g) interesting. Perhaps his newly acquired desire to support its implementation explains his failure to comprehend Sheriff Butch Conway's need for additional funding.

There are specific requirements to be met in order to quality for ICE support, such as "no inmates sleeping on the floor." Currently, Gwinnett has several hundred sleeping on the floor. There is no way to move forward until this situation is rectified.

To move the inmates into available space without trained deputies would be irresponsible. The formula seems simple and doesn't require additional research: Sufficient funds plus trained deputies minus inmates on the floor equals acceptance into the 287(g) program.

I'm not a CPA, but one would think we might place the horse in front of the cart by spending money now to gain assistance in the deportation of illegals, thus saving on the out-of-control cost in our health care and court fees.

- Janet Gibson