Tough pooch survives shooting

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Gwinnett animal control officer responded to the Lake Sweetwater Apartments off Winder Highway for a reported case of a dog being shot.

The dog's owner, a Lawrenceville woman, told the officer that about 9:30 p.m. March 6, her dog was walking behind one of the apartment buildings in her complex when it was shot in the neck. The woman said she heard a gunshot and saw someone from the apartment building walk from a patio back into an apartment unit, but it was dark and she could not get a good description of the person. Her dog came running to her, and she noticed blood coming from the dog's neck, according to a Gwinnett police report.

The woman took her dog to a veterinarian with nonlife-threatening injuries. X-rays showed a bullet lodged in the dog's neck, according to the report.

Woman arrested for disorderly conduct

SUGAR HILL - Gwinnett police responded to the Stephens Mill subdivision for a report of a dispute at a residence involving a Sugar Hill man and his former girlfriend.

The man told dispatch that a woman he dated "a couple of times" was banging on his front door and refused to leave, according to a police report.

When officers arrived, the woman was still pounding on the front door and yelling obscenities at the man. Officers determined the woman was intoxicated by the smell of alcohol on her breath and her uncoordinated movements.

Outside the residence, the man told police he had ended the relationship and told her not to come to his house. While police interviewed the man, the woman - who lived in the same subdivision - became agitated and started to curse the man very loudly. After being warned several times to calm down, she was later arrested for disorderly conduct, according to the report.

En route to the jail, she verbally assaulted the responding officer and was combative with Sheriff's Department deputies inside the facility. She was put in an isolation cell.

Red Honda mistaken for couch

BUFORD - A drunken Lawrenceville man reportedly slept in the wrong car in a Publix parking lot in Buford on Saturday night.

A Hoschton man told police he left his red Honda in the parking lot overnight, and when he returned Sunday morning, he found the 29-year-old man sleeping inside. The sleeping man later admitted he had been drinking at a nearby bar, and accidentally crawled in the wrong car to sleep. He told police he urinated on himself and wetted the car's interior overnight.

The owner of the Honda declined to press charges. Police determined the Lawrenceville man was still intoxicated. They arrested him for disorderly conduct.