Marine injured in bus crash dies

A Marine who was among more than 20 people injured when a bus overturned at an Army base died Monday, shortly after a reckless driving charge was filed against the civilian driver.

Additional counts were possible against the driver, according to a military statement that said Army authorities filed the reckless driving charges.

The bus overturned Sunday at Fort Rucker, an Army aviation training center in southeast Alabama. The Marines were leaving the training area after a weekend exercise, Fort Rucker said in a statement.

Police find more photos in search for suspect in N.C. student's death

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Police in Chapel Hill say they have found additional surveillance photos of the suspect in the slaying of University of North Carolina student body president Eve Carson.

Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran said Monday that detectives now have a photo of the suspect attempting to use Carson's ATM card at a convenience store.

Curran said the subject of that photo appears to be the same young man seen in two ATM surveillance photos released Saturday.

Confession of suspect in Auburn student slaying read in court

AUBURN, Ala. - Authorities say the man accused of abducting and killing an Auburn University student confessed to the crime.

Courtney Lockhart's statement was read at a court hearing Monday in which he says he abducted Lauren Burk on the Auburn campus, robbed her and attempted to rape her before he shot her.

The 18-year-old freshman from Marietta was found fatally wounded Tuesday night about five miles from the campus. In the statement, Lockhart described setting her car on fire after the shooting.

His statement was read in a Lee County courtroom while several thousand Auburn University students held a memorial service for her on campus.

Man arrested in killing of Univ. of Arkansas student

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A student at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville was killed at her off-campus apartment and a former student she knew was arrested in Oklahoma, police and the university said.

Katharine Wood, 24, a senior English major from Greenbrier was found dead Sunday morning by police investigating a caller's report that a woman in her apartment complex seemed to be arguing with someone, police and the university said. The apartment complex is a few blocks off campus.

Committee tries to enforce subpoenas against officials

WASHINGTON - The House Judiciary Committee sued former White House Counsel Harriet Miers and White House chief of staff Joshua Bolten on Monday, setting up a constitutional clash over the Bush administration's refusal to provide testimony and documents about the firing of U.S. attorneys.

The lawsuit says Miers is not immune from the obligation to testify and that she and Bolten must identify all documents that are being withheld from Congress regarding what Democrats say were politically motivated dismissals of nine U.S. attorneys.

Bush says he's sending Cheney to Mideast to press for peace

WASHINGTON - President Bush, dispatching Vice President Dick Cheney to the Middle East, said the goal is to get Israelis and Palestinians to hold firm to the promises they've made toward peace.

Bush said Monday in the Oval Office that Cheney would 'reassure people that the United States is committed to a vision of peace in the Middle East.'

As Cheney tries to help hold together fragile negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, Bush says he's still optimistic that a peace deal can happen before he leaves office.

Activist recruits bench-warmers to block transients in upscale area

SAN DIEGO - A community activist thinks a few couch potatoes, strategically placed on sidewalk benches in an upscale shopping district, will keep transients on their feet and on the move.

Esther Viti, who oversees the donation of public benches for a merchants' association in La Jolla, sent an e-mail to 45 other activists last week asking them to sit in three-hour shifts, no bathroom breaks allowed.

'After all, you MUST OCCUPY THAT BENCH continually for three hours to prevent that homeless person from sitting on that bench,' the e-mail said.

- From wire reports