Mass grave uncovered near Baghdad

BAGHDAD - A mass grave containing about 100 bodies was discovered Saturday in a region north of Baghdad that has seen years of intense fighting between Shiites and Sunni extremist members of al-Qaida in Iraq.

The grisly discovery came as Iraq's Sunni parliament speaker called on the nation's Shiites and Kurds to work together with the minority he represents to pass an election law that would help reconcile Iraq's often warring sects and splinter groups.

The grave, near Khalis in the Diyala province about 50 miles north of Baghdad, is still being investigated, but the U.S. military said the skeletal remains appear to have been there for a long time.

Official: Peace talks to continue despite shooting

JERUSALEM - Israeli-Palestinian peace talks will proceed within days despite a shooting attack that killed eight students at a Jewish seminary, Israeli officials said Saturday.

The comments came hours after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for Israel not to abandon peace efforts after a recent escalation of violence.

Talabani wants more business with Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey - Iraq's president said Saturday that he wants to promote more Turkish investment in his country, where Turkish troops recently carried out an eight-day ground incursion.

Jalal Talabani spoke to members of a Turkish-Iraqi business group at the end of a visit aimed at easing tensions caused by Turkey's offensive against Kurdish rebels inside Iraq.

Talabani, himself a Kurd, says Iraq wants 'to forge strategic relations in all fields, including oil, the economy, trade, culture and politics with Turkey.'

War talk subsides as Colombia, Venezuela agree to end dispute

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - South America moved away from talk of war as the presidents of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador agreed to end a bitter dispute triggered by a Colombian cross-border raid with testy handshakes and an apology.

After intense regional diplomacy and emotional debate, Latin American leaders Friday approved a declaration resolving to work for a peaceful end to the crisis, which saw Venezuela and Ecuador send troops to their borders and Colombia accuse its neighbors of backing leftist rebels seeking to topple its government.