Recently reviewed films now playing in metro area theaters:

· Bonneville (PG) "Thelma & Louise" by way of the Lifetime channel, this treacle-laden, AARP female-bonding weepie starring Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Joan Allen stalls at the starting gate. After the death of her husband, Arvilla (Lange) and her two gal pals hit the road, dispense her husband's ashes, flirt with some guys and contemplate The Deep Meaning of Life. 1 star - Michael Clark

· City of Men (R) Not a sequel to "City of God," "City of Men" nonetheless contains many of the same raw gangland elements and is based on the cult TV series of the same name. Two teens, friends since childhood, find their bond tested after a turf war erupts in the slums of Rio and each discovers the truth of each other's past. Not a classic by any means, but still a winner. 3 stars - MC

· Definitely, Maybe (PG-13) Snake-bitten leading man Ryan Reynolds plays the wishbone lover of three female love interests (Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher and Elizabeth Banks), all of whom might be the mother of his inquisitive daughter (Abigail Breslin). What could have been just another toss-away chick flick turns out to be a riveting and enthralling romantic mystery. 31?2 stars - MC

· In Bruges (R) "Pulp Fiction" by way of a PBS travelogue, "In Bruges" is the product of Oscar and Olivier Award-winning first-time feature filmmaker Martin McDonagh. Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell play London-based assassins sent to an ancient, picturesque Belgian city by their psycho boss (Ralph Fiennes) to cool off and wait for their next job after a botched hit. 4 stars - MC

· The Other Boleyn Girl (PG-13) Based on the popular 2002 novel by Phillipa Gregory, this bodice-ripper is equal parts "Masterpiece Theater," tawdry Harlequin paperback and cheesy soap opera. Told with a straight face, it is top heavy with unintended humor, histrionic, over-the-top performances and just enough historical accuracy to keep it semi-interesting. 21?2 stars - MC

· Penelope (PG) On the shelf since early 2006, this tepid adult fairy tale looks like something Tim Burton might have made 20 years ago under duress. Christina Ricci plays the title character, a sheltered woman born with a pig's nose and ears whose shallow parents are trying to unload her on unsuspecting blue-blood suitors. Trite, uninvolving and instantly forgettable. 11?2 stars - MC

· Semi-Pro (R) Will Ferrell continues his string of sports parodies with this unnecessarily profane and largely limp quasi-history of the American Basketball Association. Bad hair, loud clothes, predictable funk soundtrack and uninspired performances keep in lock-step with Ferrell's now-patented flailing about, man-child personality disorder, falling down and overacting. 2 stars - MC

· The Spiderwick Chronicles (PG) Teen phenomenon Freddie Highmore (in dual roles) is the highlight in this superb adaptation of the series of popular children's books. Equal parts "The Wizard of Oz," "E.T." and "Home Alone," the movie seamlessly mixes live-action and CGI effects while presenting a story that is smart, original, scary, funny and genuinely touching. 4 stars - MC