Lawrenceville's water well program moving forward

LAWRENCEVILLE - Lawrenceville's water well reactivation program continues to move forward, as Mayor Rex Millsaps announced that Well No. 7 has been approved by the state and will start producing this month.

At Monday's council meeting, Millsaps commended Councilman Mike Crow for his role in obtaining the donation of 3.2 acres from RACO General Contractors Inc. for a new plant to treat water from the well located off Winer Industrial Boulevard. The property is valued at $362,000, Millsaps said.

RACO is a Lawrenceville-based commercial and industrial developer.

The city is in the process of opening old wells to reduce its dependency on water purchased from Gwinnett County, which is supplied by drought-impacted Lake Lanier. The well water is also cheaper to produce.

Well No. 7 was drilled several years ago but had not been put into production, according to Crow. Estimated well output is 140 gallons per minute, or more than 200,000 gallons of water per day, Crow said. Approval for the well was obtained from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, he said.

A cost figure for the new water treatment plant to be built near the well will be determined when plans are finished, Crow said. Construction is expected to start later this year.

The plant will have the capacity to treat up to 1 million gallons of water a day, eventually handling water produced by up to seven other wells, Crow said.

"This is just part of our groundwater program," Crow said. "It will take time to get it all in place. It's a big project." The city plans to reopen additional wells.

In the interim, water from Well No. 7 will be pumped to a temporary plant where it will be treated to remove iron and add chlorine, Crow said. The well water then will be directly injected into city water lines for distribution to customers.