Film fans: 'Semi-Pro' doesn't satisfy even loyal fans

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0 out of 4 stars

Beware: This movie is a big loser without any redeeming qualities or a shred of entertainment value. It hits the big screen running but does not advance beyond silly, ridiculous, gross and totally insulting. Will Ferrell must have a real cash flow issue to release such mindless farce.

The story is a muck of despicable characters in and around the Flint Tropics basketball franchise. It's a collection of old jokes and character clichés that could hardly amuse 8- to 10-year-old boys. Seems team owner and coach Jackie Moon (Ferrell) is more of a promoter than a player, and the inept franchise struggles to attract a fan base. This movie is a huge waste that goes absolutely nowhere. Avoid it like the plague.

- Rick Wright, Auburn

2 out of 4 stars

I've been a fan of Will Ferrell ever since he was on "SNL," and for the most part, I've enjoyed most of his movies. This, however, wasn't one of them. It was semi-funny, semi-boring and semi-pointless.

Part of the problem is that Ferrell is playing his usual moronic character again, which is a shame, because he is has the ability to act out many personalities. "Semi-Pro" just came across as incomplete and rushed together. In other words, a semi-movie!

So if you're not tired of the same old Ferrell, go for it. Otherwise, wait for the rental or go watch "Talladega Nights" again.

- Kenny Grams, Lawrenceville