Robbers hit Norcross apartments

NORCROSS - Robbers hit two apartments on Graves Road in Norcross on Friday.

The resident of a Wesley Park Apartment came home to find his dead bolt drilled extensively. Robbers were unable to enter because of the number of additional locks on the door, police reports state.

A Windcliff Pines resident was less fortunate. He discovered his front door kicked open and a coat and decorative knife missing, according to police reports.

Woman robbed of purse at gunpoint

NORCROSS - A woman lost her purse in an armed robbery Sunday, she told police.

The woman was approaching the stairs that led to her home in Champion Apartments on Graves Road when she was grabbed from behind. Two men armed with handguns took her purse and left, police reports state.

She described one of the men as Hispanic.

Man hit with baseball bat

NORCROSS - A man was hit with a baseball bat and knocked unconscious Sunday in the parking lot of Heritage Mission Apartments on Jimmy Carter Boulevard.

Three men were walking through the parking lot when they were confronted by a group of Hispanic men who accused them of being rival gang members. When the three men denied the allegation, one of the Hispanic men hit one of the three with a baseball bat, according to police reports.

The three men said they recognized the Hispanic men from playing soccer.

Woman helps beggar, loses cash

LAWRENCEVILLE - A woman lost her cash when she tried to give a beggar money for food Saturday.

The woman was walking along Sterling Point Court when a white man approached her and asked for a dollar or two to get something to eat, police reports state. When she went to take the money from her purse, the man hit her in the face and grabbed her purse. The woman did not let go of the purse, so the man knocked her down, grabbed the money from her wallet and ran, according to police reports.

Man robbed while parking car

NORCROSS - A man was the victim of an armed robbery Saturday while parking his car.

When the man pulled his vehicle into a slot at Madison Ridge Apartments on Windscape Village Lane, another car pulled in behind him and blocked him in.

A black man came to the car's window, pointed a handgun at him and demanded money, according to police reports. The man got away with about $150.

He described one man as about 5 foot 4 inches and skinny. He was accompanied by another black man, police reports said.