To the editor: If waste plan is viable, it should be placed before voters

Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful's waste management proposal endorsed by county officials needs to facilitate increased citizen dialogue.

The initial idea, consolidation of waste management companies, was first publicized in our local papers. I was informed that GC&B sent citizen invitations via water bills to attend five community forums and participate in two online polls about this issue. Certainly an interesting marketing tool, for I wonder how many citizens scan their water bill for information about trash pickup.

GC&B also said, according to surveys obtained, the majority of citizens are pleased with the cost of waste services being absorbed into their property tax. They remain confident in the proposal and address it as a "community choice." My personal waste company informed me their clients were mostly outraged by the decision.

If indeed our county officials and GC&B are sincerely concerned about citizen safety and excessive vehicles on the road, I am confident they will aggressively decrease our multitudes of construction vehicles as well. I shall look forward to their declared mission to decrease large vehicles on our roads and endorse fines for excessive speeding for the sake of my safety.

If county officials and GC&B fear no rejection of a "community choice" waste plan, there is no reason it should not be proposed as a voter issue with specific cost and regulations.