Radio host Porch visits retirement community

LAWRENCEVILLE - Ludlow Porch is a radio talk show host, a voice-over actor and an author, but the Southern humorist said his favorite job is delivering speeches.

Saturday, he visited a retirement community in Lawrenceville, where his talk about weirdos drew many laughs.

Porch began his speech at Garden Plaza at Lawrenceville by talking about hospitals, which he said are strange places.

"The first thing they do is tell you to take all your clothes off," he said. "That's weird."

The medical institutions - which charge patients hundreds of dollars per day - won't even spring for a cozy pair of pajamas, Porch said. Instead, they give you a gown to wear.

"If you're lucky, the gown will come down to your knees," Porch said. "If you're not lucky, you'll find out what they mean by I.C.U. ... Without a doubt, it's the most embarrassing thing a human being can wear."

After performing for about an hour, Porch greeted his fans and signed copies of two of his books, "The Fat White Guy's Cookbook" and "Lewis & Me & Skipper Makes 3."

Porch said he had written a book a year for a decade when his stepbrother, Lewis Grizzard, asked him to write "Lewis & Me." That book, which is about Porch's connection with the Grizzards and the love they shared, was the most difficult to write, he said.

Porch said Grizzard, who died in 1994, was more than a stepbrother to him. They were best friends.

"I could do a whole piece on Lewis," Porch said during his speech. "He was a piece of work, and I miss him more every day."

Lawrenceville resident Becky Skelton and her son, Eric, stopped by Garden Plaza after the show and asked Porch to sign their copy of "Weirdos, Winos & Defrocked Priests," which Skelton said her mother purchased when it was first released.

Skelton said three generations of her family are fans of Porch's work. She said her son became a fan of Porch after he got into his grandmother's books.

"He's just a good Southern author with a lot of humor, which we need nowadays," she said.

Porch said he thinks there are enough "angry white guys" on the radio. He said he enjoys what he does.

"I sign off every day with, 'Whatever else you do today, find somebody to be nice to,'" he said. "And I mean that."