Film Fans enjoy 'Get Smart'

EDITOR'S NOTE - Film Fans runs in the Friday Weekend section of the Gwinnett Daily Post. It features local residents reviewing the film of the week: "Get Smart."

3 stars out of 4

"Get Smart" is a funny film, as expected. Steve Carell is perfectly cast as Maxwell Smart, doing great spy stuff, sometimes in spite of himself. Anne Hathaway is also strong as Agent 99, and the two made a good team together. I liked the creativity and the plot moves along with plenty of action and also keeps you laughing. It's an enjoyable and entertaining way to spend a summer day.

- Cindy Evans, Duluth

2 stars out of 4

Surprisingly, I enjoyed this movie despite my concern that the remake would be inferior to the television show. In my opinion, the movie is better. It certainly has all the formula plot scenes but transcends them with good acting, snappy dialogue and lots of action. Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin and Dwayne Johnson are all terrific but there are solid performances from the supporting cast as well. There were a couple of gags that went on a little too long but overall it was a fun movie that spoofs itself.

- Stephanie Kilroe, Lawrenceville

3 1/2 stars out of 4

"Get Smart" is the quintessential summer movie. Light, refreshing and mindless. Check out this movie that will make you laugh and enjoy Agent 86 without too much smart aleck-ness of the original TV series. Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway as the agent odd couple were excellent in their roles and totally updated the franchise to this decade. The dance scene was my favorite - reminiscent of the tango in "True Lies," but updated with a great twist at the end - or was that a finger? The gadgets were interesting but not over board - where can I get an updated cone of silence?

- Eric Richner, Duluth