Code red expected for smog

LAWRENCEVILLE - The air quality index forecast for today is 153 and smog. That's a code red. According to the Clean Air Campaign, that's not good.

"On code red smog days, the prudent advice for all residents in the region is to limit physical activity and avoid outdoor exposure as much as possible," said Brian Carr, the Clean Air Campaign's director of communications. "Take a break from yardwork and intense exercise and parents should pay attention to the activities their children are engaging in outside. Head indoors and rest," he said.

Code red smog alerts, which also signify unhealthy air, are classified when the air quality index is between 151-200.

Carr said that if you must go outside, try to avoid the most intense ozone exposure that occurs from 2 to 7 p.m. when air pollution is at its peak. And for those who want to do something about combatting smog, Carr said avoid driving.

"Half of all smog forming emissions come from tailpipes," he said. "Consider carpooling, riding transit, vanpooling or teleworking on smog days."