Motorist strikes, totals police cruiser

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Lawrenceville police officer suffered a fractured hand Friday when another car struck and totaled his police cruiser while he was en route to a separate traffic accident, police said.

Lawrenceville police Sgt. Ryan Morgan said Monday the officer was struck by a car driven by a lost motorist at the intersection of Gwinnett Place and U.S. Highway 29 as the officer was responding to a motor vehicle accident with the report of a person trapped.

The officer, whose cruiser was severely damaged, suffered a broken hand, Morgan said. The driver of the other car, an elderly woman, was unharmed.

As the officer approached the intersection on Gwinnett Place with lights and sirens at 3:36 p.m., Morgan said, a car driven by a lost motorist in the center lane turned left and T-boned the police car, causing it to careen into a parked vehicle at a nearby business.

The woman was cited for two failure to yield violations, including failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, Morgan said.

The woman's name was not available at press time.