Joan Rivers booted from British TV over curse word

LONDON - Joan Rivers' salty tongue got her booted from a British daytime talk show in the middle of its live broadcast.

Rivers used two expletives while talking about Russell Crowe as a guest host on the live gab-fest 'Loose Women.' She was asked to leave during a commercial break.

The 75-year old comedian said in a statement Tuesday she was sorry for the swearing, and assumed that a censor would be able to 'bleep' the words out.

Then she cracked wise, saying the incident reminded her of her wedding night - because she was asked to leave in the middle of that, too.

Court delays taking action on Spears' finances

LOS ANGELES - It will be a bit longer before the court begins to sort out Britney Spears' finances.

A Los Angeles court commissioner on Tuesday delayed a trial on whether the singer's father will continue to have control over his daughter's money. It was scheduled to begin July 31, but attorneys still have to work out a number of issues.

The 26-year-old's finances and personal affairs have been under the control of her father for several months. Neither Spears nor her father attended Tuesday's hearing.

Ludacris busy building resume

NEW YORK - Ludacris is following the footsteps of P. Diddy and Jay-Z with a laundry list of projects, including a Web site, acting gigs and a show on the Planet Green network.

'It's my responsibility with the power that I have to show different sides of myself, not only my freedom of speech,' the 30-year-old rapper told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

Ludacris, who is based in Atlanta, recently launched, where aspiring musicians can upload material, collaborate with others and receive feedback.

'This is a site where you can get your music heard,' he said. 'You put your original music on here, you can get feedback, and this is a new way for music industry executives to sit in the comfort of their own homes and look for artists.'