FBI search pending in local killing

BUFORD - Local authorities hope FBI databases will shed light on the identity of a man found shot to death nearly five days ago in someone else's Buford home.

After running the man's fingerprints against records throughout Georgia, Gwinnett police turned to the feds last week in hopes of pinning a name to the slain black male, estimated to be about 25 years old.

The waiting continued Monday.

There are "no updates on that case right now," Gwinnett police spokeswoman Cpl. Illana Spellman said.

The FBI's fingerprint checking process - capable of trolling records nationwide - takes at least two days, police said Friday, when the prints were submitted.

The body was discovered after an anonymous caller reported a person injured at the 2424 Buford Dam Road home on Thursday afternoon. Police found the man, who carried no identification, in a pool of blood inside the residence. The home - a blue two-story near Lake Lanier and Hall County - is a rental property, and the victim was neither the renter nor the owner of the house, authorities said.

Neighbors said a Hispanic family with children recently moved out of the home, though police have not been able to track them down. The owner of the property declined comment Friday.

The homicide marks the first killing in greater Buford since August 2006, when two 15-year-old girls were charged in the death of their adoptive mother, police said.