To the editor: McClellan is a back-stabber trying to sell a lot of books

I knew it would not be long following the publication of Scott McClellan's distorition of the truth concerning the Bush administration that the viewpoints of George Morin would appear in the Daily Post ("Don't shoot the messenger; look at the real truth," To the editor, June 3).

To refute any and all accusations of lying, spinning, manipulations and dishonesty by the Bush administration by the likes of Morin would be an act in futility. In my opinion, McClellan is much less than truthful and a coward.

He is the type of person who will pat you on the back with his left hand while stabbing you in the back with his right. If he is so filled with righteous indignation, why did he continue serving the Bush administration as press secretary and agreeing with most, if not all, of President Bush's policies?

It simply proves that McClellan will do anything and say anything to sell his book. He is now the darling of the left, and if the Democrats control Congress and the White House in 2008, there will be a cushy job for McClellan.

It will then be interesting to see how many articles are submitted to the Daily Post by George Morin.