Recently reviewed films now playing in metro area theaters:

The Fall (R) Video and fashion director Tarsem Singh's follow-up to "The Cell" is full of amazing imagery but sorely lacking an engaging narrative. Shot over a four-year stretch at every corner of the globe, the movie attempts to capture the dark, adult fairytale air of "Pan's Labyrinth" but is mostly just a not-quite spooky, half-baked bedtime story. 2 stars - Michael Clark

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (PG-13) The long-anticipated third sequel to the masterpiece "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is less an Indiana Jones movie and more a walk down sci-fi memory lane by filmmakers George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. An iffy plot, overblown action sequences and weak performances all add up to a major letdown. 2 stars - MC

Iron Man (PG-13) Unlikely leading man Robert Downey Jr. and director Jon Favreau deliver the ultimate thinking person's popcorn movie that took in more than $100 million on opening weekend. Sharp, witty, supremely well-acted and just slightly overlong, the comic-book adaptation has set an early quality high bar for the summer competition that will be tough to surpass. 3 stars - MC

Made of Honor (PG-13) Patrick Dempsey gives it his best shot in a losing effort in this recycled, gender-reversed version of "My Best Friend's Wedding." Playboy Dempsey hits freak-out mode after his platonic gal-pal (Michelle Monaghan) gets engaged to an Irish aristocrat. Cute for a very short while, the movie slips into desperation overdrive almost immediately. 2 stars - MC

Sex and the City (R) The movie mulligan that somewhat makes up for the botched last season of the TV show, filmmaker Michael Patrick King's loving but tediously overlong movie will leave cultists mostly happy and the uninitiated largely unimpressed. Less a feature than a half dozen back-to-back episodes, King's major achievement was providing sufficient closure. 21/2 stars - MC

The Strangers (R) Delayed for more than a year, rookie filmmaker Bryan Bertino's alleged fright fest is low on blood, real chills, believable villains and a coherent script. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman star in the movie that's a defacto copy of "Funny Games," a far superior satire about three people trapped in a vacation home who are arbitrarily tormented by psychopaths. 1 1/2 stars - MC