Lawrenceville mayor wins $250K in lottery

LAWRENCEVILLE - Lawrenceville Mayor Rex Millsaps said he never intends to win when he purchases a lottery ticket.

"I just donate $1 to the HOPE Scholarship," Millsaps said.

After winning $2 for matching the Mega Ball in a Mega Millions drawing, Millsaps decided to spend the prize on one Mega Millions ticket and one Fantasy 5 ticket.

His Quik Pik ticket matched the first five of six numbers in the May 30 Mega Millions drawing - netting the game's $250,000 second prize. The winning numbers were 39-40-47-53-55 and the Mega Ball was 32. Millsaps said the Mega Ball number on his ticket was 34.

Millsaps said the money came in at a good time. His youngest daughter, Karla, graduated from Georgia College and State University two weeks ago - and got engaged the week before that.

A portion of the lottery winnings will go toward the wedding, which will take place next May, Millsaps said. He said he also plans to purchase a new set of tires for his 1993 Chevrolet pickup truck and to get the vehicle detailed.

Millsaps and his wife, Sheila, have four children and six grandchildren. He said his two daughters received the HOPE Scholarship, which is funded through state lottery profits.

"I support the HOPE Scholarship," Millsaps said. "I haven't given back as much as I've gotten out of it."