Letter to the editor: Don't shoot the messenger; look at the real truth

Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan's revelations about the Bush administration's "ministrations" of the truth about Iraq and global warming, among other things, only clarified what most of us have come to believe about the hot air and convoluted spin that's been emanating from the oval office.

Columnists like Kathleen Parker are calling McClellan a "snitch" and focusing on his alleged disloyalty and questioning his honor and his dweeby character, depicting him as a loner trying to gain prominence by attacking his former bosses. McClellan flatly claims that he was knowingly given false information to give out to the press, and us, to keep a damper on the outrage and criticism of Bush's foreign and domestic policies.

In other words, we have been subjected to outright propaganda almost from the beginning of the war in Iraq, propaganda deliberately loaded with lies and misdirection. Here's what really raises my hackles: the right-wing media pundits are more furious that McClellan has blown the cover on the administration's bobbing and weaving with the truth than they are with the likelihood that it is guilty as charged.

They are falling over themselves lining up to shoot the messenger and closing their eyes to the fact that they - and we - have been snookered, hook line and sinker by a manipulative and dishonest political coven of liars.

November can't come fast enough for this angry old party.

- George Morin