Braves unveil 'neat look'
AAA team shows off logo, uniform

NORCROSS - Gwinnett County commissioner Bert Nasuti fielded the questions regularly on his many visits to Pinckneyville Park, where he volunteers as a coach.

Youngsters and parents alike wanted to know one thing - when can we purchase Gwinnett Braves' apparel?

That question was finally answered Monday morning at the Norcross park when the Braves unveiled the hats, jerseys and logos for the organization's new Class AAA baseball team, which begins play in Gwinnett in 2009.

Let the purchase of memorabilia begin.

"I think it looks great," said Nasuti, who took off his dress shirt to unveil the Gwinnett Braves' home jersey at the event that also featured Norcross youth baseball and softball players. "I really like the two-tone jersey. ... It's a neat look. I like that it's like the (Atlanta) Braves' uniform, but it's different, too."

The home jersey has the classic Braves' logo on the front, with Gwinnett in a banner underneath it. But unlike the major league team's all-white home attire, the AAA team's jersey features red sleeves with blue stripes.

In addition to the home jersey logo, the franchise also unveiled a Gwinnett Braves logo that features the club's tomahawk. The Norcross youngsters were part of the ceremony, donning T-shirts and hats with the new logos. The team's road jerseys will be released at a later date.

"I like the G and the tomahawk," said 11-year-old Brooks Buckler, a Pinckneyville Middle student. "I really like the G and how it all goes together. It really works."

"I really like it, it just looks cool," said 12-year-old Griffin Helms, also a Pinckneyville Middle student. "It has the normal Atlanta Braves jersey with the Gwinnett on it. It just looks cool."

Three hat styles also debuted - home and away caps and a batting practice cap. The home cap is blue with a red bill and the road cap is all blue, but both feature a tomahawk through a large G.

The batting practice cap is entirely red, with a GB split by a tomahawk.

"I really like the hat, it's cool," said 11-year-old Lucas Boudreau, a Pinckneyville Middle student who said the home cap was his favorite. "I was wondering why they had so many different hats."

One huge reason is merchandise sales. The more hat options the better. Gwinnettbraves.com offered much more on Monday, when it posted hats, T-shirts and polo shirts for sale, hoping for a boom in sales to coincide with the excitement of AAA baseball coming to Gwinnett.

Another major event happens today when the organization hosts the official groundbreaking of the Gwinnett Braves' stadium off Ga. Highway 20.