Daily Post, GCPS join up for reading

LAWRENCEVILLE - The Gwinnett Daily Post will soon begin distributing a monthly family newspaper to 66 elementary schools and 14 public libraries throughout the county.

"Kidsville News," a publication designed to encourage children to read, will reach more than 73,000 elementary school students each month through a partnership between Gwinnett County Public Schools and the Post. Between distribution to the schools and the county libraries, the publication's circulation will be about 80,000 each month.

The Post's publisher, J.K. Murphy, said he approached the school district after he saw samples of "Kidsville News" being distributed by other newspapers.

"We're excited to be launching this initiative and that the publication received such a strong endorsement from the school system," Murphy said.

"Hopefully we'll succeed in what 'Kidsville News' is designed to do - get kids excited about reading."

The publication is billed as a family newspaper, and an accompanying Web site - www.kidsvillenews.com - includes parent and teacher resources such as worksheets and tests for reading comprehension.

Tricia Kennedy, the school district's executive director of curriculum and instruction, said "Kidsville News" contains quality information that is written in a student-friendly format.

"It's a good resource for students to increase their reading opportunities and skills and their knowledge and understanding of current events," Kennedy said.

Teachers will be able to use the publication to lead a current events discussion or to provide students with an additional opportunity for reading, Kennedy said.

The publication's mascot, a dragon named Truman, will also make appearances in schools and in the community, Murphy said.

"Kidsville News" will be published year-round, Murphy said. The first issue will be distributed Feb. 6. Sponsorship opportunities for "Kidsville News" are available. For more information, call Jen Moye at 770-963-9205 ext. 1216.