2 killed in separate accidents

LAWRENCEVILLE - Two people were killed in separate car accidents at the same time Saturday, in what Gwinnett Police spokesman Officer David Schiralli called a rare occurrence.

The two accidents were about a mile and a half apart, he said.

"It's actually very rare that something like this would happen so close together at the same time," Schiralli said.

The identities of the two victims had not been released as of press time Saturday, and Schiralli said he did not know the condition of the other people involved in the accidents, or whether there were any passengers in the vehicles. Each accident involved two cars.

In one, a driver who was making a U-turn on Buford Drive at its intersection with Azalea Drive was struck by a driver who then lost control of the car and overturned his vehicle. That driver was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital, Schiralli said.

Ashley Kirk and Marissa Ciavarro, two 17-year-olds who drove past the accident, said they saw an SUV with a crumpled back end and another car being towed, but Schiralli said he did not know anything about the vehicles.

"It looked pretty bad," Kirk said.

The other accident, at Russell Road and Calvin Davis Circle, involved a driver crossing the center lane and hitting another vehicle head-on, Schiralli said.

The driver in the car that was hit was killed, he said. Both accidents happened between 8 and 8:30 p.m.

Schiralli said while accidents are normal on highly traveled roads like Buford Drive, it is unusual that they happen in such quick succession.

In the first accident, he said, the driver who made the U-turn will likely be found at fault.

More information would be released as investigators completed their investigations, Schiralli said.