Woman forced to withdraw money

DULUTH - A Lawrenceville woman said two black women in their 50s, who were possibly armed, forced her to drive to two Gwinnett banks and withdraw money last Friday.

According to a police report, the woman was loading groceries into her vehicle outside the International Farmers Market on Shackleford Road in Duluth when she was approached by the women asking for a ride.

Once in the vehicle, one woman pressed something to the driver's back and made her drive to the Georgia Federal Credit Union in Duluth and withdraw $2,000 from her bank account.

She was then forced to drive to the Bank of America on Satellite Boulevard and withdraw $500. The trio reportedly drove on to a Target store where the pair took another $500 from the victim's purse and then fled on foot.

The woman said she never saw a weapon but the object pressed to her back felt hard and cylindrical.

Police shoot dog trapping woman

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Lawrenceville woman was momentarily trapped in her vehicle last Thursday by a vicious dog, a police report said.

The woman said she when she arrived at her home on Cruse Road, a brown pit bull charged her vehicle while barking and growling.

Her husband was able to scare away the dog, which had a wire lead attached to its collar, leading the man to believe the dog had escaped a neighbor's yard.

When a Gwinnett County police officer arrived to investigate the situation, the dog charged him, causing the officer to fire his gun ultimately shooting and killing the vicious dog, the report said.

The dog's owner, 29-year-old Lewis Antwan Thomas of 2366 Cruse Road, was issued vicious animal and leash law citations.

The dog was turned over to animal control at Thomas' request.